Ceremonies Offered

  • Weddings--There are two options to choose from which are the Personalized Ceremony, and the Standard Ceremony.  Personalized wedding ceremonies are the choice for those who want their wedding to focus on the couple and their love for one another. It is by far our most popular option and currently all the rage in Europe. We take great care and time in crafting a unique personalized ceremony just for you!  The Standard Wedding Ceremony option is offered as an alternative to those who are on a budget but still want a wedding that is warmer than a trip to the courthouse. Although this ceremony is more affordable it doesn’t mean your ceremony won’t still be beautiful and meaningful, but there are a few limitations. Personalization of the ceremony is not an option when you choose to have a Standard Wedding Ceremony. I will provide you with pre-written ceremonies suitable for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples to choose from. You will, however, be allowed to provide your own vows if you wish.  Please feel free to mix and match sections of any of the ceremonies provided as well as your own touches. The savings of the budget ceremony come from my not having to take the extended time required to write a personalized ceremony.

  • Memorial & Funeral Services--I feel it is my duty as a Humanist Celebrant to provide this service to my community at an affordable rate. I will accept any honorarium amount the family and their funeral director have established for such services. I realize that, unlike weddings, deaths are rarely planned and that some people might not have the means to afford a secular memorial service if their loved one did not prepare for their death or have life insurance. If you want a secular service but don’t think you can afford it, please contact me and we can discuss your situation and hopefully come to an arrangement that works for both of us. My usual approach is one of celebrating the life of your loved one. For this reason I spend time with the family (and sometimes friends as well) who can share with me many of the highlights of their loved one’s incredible life story.

  • Baby Naming & Dedication--Baptisms and christenings have been a part of welcoming children to the world for hundreds of years. Humanists have a secular alternative for this type of service called a Baby Name Day service. This ceremony provides an opportunity to gather family and friends together to celebrate and welcome the newest addition to your family whether it be your newborn child or a child you have adopted.

  • Wise Woman Ceremony--Consider honoring a special female relative, a friend, a neighbor or coworker with a Wise Woman Ceremony! I am happy to officiate a Wise Woman Ceremony which is held to honor an older woman and her contributions. Such an event can be held on the occasion of a landmark birthday, or when she is entering into retirement, or for any landmark occasion you would wish to give her special recognition. This event gives those around this special woman an opportunity to tell her story and how she has made unique contributions and perhaps mentored, supported, volunteered and gave to her family, to her workplace, to her community, to an organization, or to her friends and neighbors.

  • Other Ceremonies, Invocations & Public Speeches--I am available to perform many alternative services for individuals, families and communities such as anniversary vow renewal ceremonies, retirement celebrations, invocations, graduation speeches, master of ceremony duties, or ceremonies for any other touchstone events in people’s lives. I can also write secular versions of religious ceremonies for any number of life-events.